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Bag Drop is a service that we are offering to the public where you bring your bags of used clothing to one of Recycling Centres and we will give you cash, we take:

Adults & children's clothing / Shoes & trainers / Handbags and belts / Sheets / Curtains / Towels

Don't throw it away anymore - Bring it to one of our new TEXTILE RECYCLING CENTRES below:




We give you cash for your old clothing or any textiles!

All items must be clean, dry, wearable clothing and shoes paired, we take items in any size or type of bag.

Whether you are trying to raise funds for a charity or just need a little extra cash this gives you the public the choice! You may keep the money yourselves or donate to a charity of your choice.

We accept curtains, bedding, shoes, belts and handbags, and any clean dry clothing

We do not accept quilts, pillows, dirty or wet clothing, mats, carpets off cuts or single shoes.

We pay by the kilo.

Maybe you have your own company and would like to organise all your staff to have a collection of unwanted clothing.

We would collect by the ton.

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